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SGT-78 is a synthetic cannabinoid that has been developed for research purposes. It is also known as CUMYL-4CN-BINACA or 4-cn-cumyl-butinaca.

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SGT-78 is a synthetic cannabinoid that has been developed for research purposes. It is also known as CUMYL-4CN-BINACA or 4-cn-cumyl-butinaca. SGT-78 for sale is available Cannabinoid Online Sales nisit for best experience.

Like other synthetic cannabinoids, SGT-78 is designed to mimic the effects of natural cannabinoids like THC and CBD. It is a highly selective agonist for the CB1 and CB2 receptors, offering potent and specific effects that closely mimic those of natural cannabinoids. This makes it a valuable tool for researchers studying the endocannabinoid system and exploring potential therapeutic applications.

It is important to note that SGT-78 is not intended for human consumption, and it should only be used for research purposes by qualified professionals. The recreational use of synthetic cannabinoids can be dangerous and is strongly discouraged.

If you are looking to purchase SGT-78 for your research, it is important to choose a reputable supplier who can provide high-quality and pure SGT-78 for sale, backed by rigorous testing to ensure that it meets or exceeds all industry standards. Our company is committed to providing researchers with the highest-quality synthetic cannabinoids available, including SGT-78. Order now and discover the power of this potent synthetic cannabinoid for your research!

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15 reviews for SGT-78

  1. William (verified owner)

    Mega potent super Qualität innert 3 Arbeitstage immer da!

  2. John (verified owner)

    That’s some propper RC’s mate. Get yourself the best you can get and buy here.

  3. Dylan (verified owner)

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  4. Edward (verified owner)

    Discrete verpakking ontvangen in de bus vandaag

  5. Edward

    Discrete verpakking ontvangen in de bus vandaag

  6. Bruce

    I love how discrete this site handles delivery

  7. Aiden

    I’m so grateful for your help. You’ve made my life so much easier. Thank you!

  8. Ethan

    Ik ben zo dankbaar dat ik je heb gevonden na al mijn moeite om dit product te bemachtigen. Je bent een redder in nood!

  9. Daniel

    I’m a long-time user of cannabinoids, and I’ve tried a lot of different webshops. This is by far the best one I’ve found. The products are great, the prices are good, and the customer service is top-notch.

  10. Adrien

    Ik ben een lange tijd gebruiker van cannabinoïden en heb veel verschillende webshops geprobeerd. Dit is veruit de beste die ik heb gevonden. De producten zijn geweldig, de prijzen zijn goed en de klantenservice is top.

  11. Kai (verified owner)

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  14. Nathaniel (verified owner)

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